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Quibb :: About us

What is Quibb?

The Quibb –Quantitative Investigation of Brain and Behavior— is a joint laboratory studying emergent properties of cortical circuits, memory development and decision processes. It groups the effort of three professors, Sylvain Chartier, Denis Cousineau and Jean-Philippe Thivierge. We aim to understand how the dynamics of neuronal activity evolve across multiple spatial and temporal scales. The ability to simulate brain circuits of a large number of neurons at high temporal resolution makes the fundamental mechanisms of learning, memory, and decision making amenable to mathematical analysis and modeling.

The long-term goal of the joint laboratory is to employ biologically-grounded computational simulations to provide an understanding of how large-scale neuronal networks (including hundreds of thousands of neurons) achieve stable and robust representations that capture established experimental results and reflect normal behavior. To do so, we study fundamental cognitive processes from multiple facets using computational modeling as well as psychophysiological experiments.

To integrate our respective approaches, the three of us use current models that have slightly different perspective. Jean-Philippe Thivierge examines the temporal dynamic of spikes of interconnected neurons; Sylvain Chartier explores the role of feedback loops on memory construction; and Denis Cousineau assesses the import of feedforward transmission of information in simple decision making. The quantitative models at the center of our investigation foster a unified vision of the brain encompassing physiological dynamics, neural networking and psycholological processes.